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About Me

KenI am currently developing my interests in mindfulness, undertaking teaching and research, and I have just completed studies for an MA in Mindfulness-Based Approaches at Bangor University Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice.

I have a long career in business and public sector roles in research and development, IT consultancy, senior management and university teaching, and I have a long term meditation practice (over 20 years). Meditation helped me recover from a long period of acute stress, to manage difficult personal circumstances over a number of years, and later to re-engage with a high-profile career managing large teams, complex technical services and programmes of work. It was always my aspiration to teach some form of meditation, and the emergence of mindfulness as a health and wellbeing intervention is exciting; the opportunity to teach techniques that I have found supportive is very fulfilling.

I left NHS employment in August 2014, and I am now building a portfolio of work on mindfulness – check these out here.  I have been fortunate in gaining a lot of teaching activities over the last year, alongside my formal training, and I have been accepted on the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teacher Training Organisations listing of UK Teachers. Recently I took on a role with the Mindfulness Network CIC, helping them develop their business model. These are exciting times for mindfulness, especially with the launch of the Mindful Nation UK report.