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Publications and presentations


  • Schaum’s Outline of UML , by Simon Bennett, John Skelton and Ken Lunn, McGraw-Hill, ISBN: 0077096738, April 2001
  • Introduzione a UML, by Simon Bennett, John Skelton and Ken Lunn, McGraw-Hill, ISBN: 88 386 5067-5, 2002
  • Software Development with UML, by Ken Lunn, published by Palgrave (MacMillan) Jan 2003, ISBN 0333985958.
  • Software Engineering met UML, by Ken Lunn, published by Palgrave (MacMillan) Netherlands 2004, ISBN 9039522537.
  • Schaum’s Outline of UML, second edition , by Simon Bennett, John Skelton and Ken Lunn, McGraw-Hill, ISBN: 0077107411, January 2005

Both the above books have also been published in Chinese.

Key Papers and Presentations

  • Message Transport on the Cambridge Ring – A Simulation Study, K. Lunn & K.H. Bennett, Software Practice and Experience, Vol 11, 1981.
  • Highly Reliable Distributed Directory System, K. Lunn & K.H. Bennett, Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Distributed Computing, Paris, 1981.
  • Resource Location in a Distributed Computing System, K. Lunn & K.H. Bennett, ACM SIGOPS, 1981.
  • Reliable File Storage in a Distributed Computing System, K. Lunn, PhD Thesis, University of Keele, 1983.
  • Technique for Redundancy Control in a Distributed Hierarchical Filestore, K. Lunn & K.H. Bennett, Information Technology Research and Technology Vol 3(3), 1984.
  • Virtual Files in a Distributed Environment, K.H. Bennett, O.P. Brereton, P. Singleton & K. Lunn, Information Processing and Management, Vol 22(5), 1986.
  • Product Formulation Expert System – Report to the Alvey Directorate, ALV/PRJ/IKBS/052, various authors, edited by A. Robinson, 1987.
  • TREQL (Thornton Research Easy Query Language) An Intelligent Front-End to a Relational Database, K. Lunn & I.G. Archibald, Prolog and Databases, Chapter 3, Ellis Horwood, 1988.
  • Interfacing Expert Systems to Large Databases, P.M.D. Gray, K. Lunn & I.G. Archibald, Knowledge Engineering Review, 1989.
  • Finding Design Keys Using Prolog, P.J. Zemroch & K. Lunn, Computational Statistics Quarterly, 4, 1989.
  • An Object Oriented Approach to the Investigation of Incidents Involving Electrostatic Discharge, A. Bamigboye, H. Dorans & K. Lunn, Proceedings of Artificial Intelligence in Engineering, Boston USA, 1990.
  • An Expert System for Formulating Lubricating Oils, K. Lunn, I.G. Archibald, J.J. Redfearn, A. Robinson, A.O. Bamigboye, M.D. Cope, B. T. Hird, Artificial Intelligence in Engineering, Vol 6(2), 1991.
  • Spatial Reasoning with Genetic Algorithms – An Application in Planning of Safe Liquid Petroleum Gas Sites, K. Lunn, University of Liverpool, C.E. Johnson, Shell Research and Technology Centre Chester, Presented at AISB Workshop on Evolutionary Computing, April 1996, proceedings published by Springer, ISBN 3-540-61749-3.
  • Evaluation Of A Genetic Classifier for Segmenting Tabular Data – Applications in Retail Market Segmentation and Financial Market Prediction, K. Lunn, C.W. Johnson, D. McCullagh, presented at IEE workshop on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, October 1996.
  • Construction Of An Object Model And Activity Model For Elderly Care Planning In The European Community, A. Sixsmith and K. Lunn, University of Liverpool, presented at the European Conference on Gerontology, Helsinki, October 1996.
  • Functional Specification of the PLANEC System, report to the Telematics Application Programme, Esprit, edited by M. Vaarama, K. Lunn, K. Kandelberg, L. Heino, December 1996.
  • Object Modelling the Planning of Elderly Care, A. Sixsmith, K. Lunn, P.Sharples, presented at the International Conference on Gerontology, Chicago, May 1997.
  • User-Centred Approach to Functional Specification Using Activity Models, K. Lunn, Second International Workshop on End-User Development, CAiSE’97.
  • KRAFT: Knowledge fusion from distributed databases and knowledge bases,
  • (Gray P M D, Preece A, Fiddian N J, Gray W A), Bench-Capon T J M, Shave M J R, (Azarmi N, Wiegand M, Ashwell M), Beer M D, (Cui Z), Diaz B M, (Embury S M, Hui K, Jones A C), Jones D M, (Kemp G J L, Lawson E W), Lunn K,(Marti P, Shao, J) and Visser P R S., Proceedings of the 8th International Workshop on Database and Expert Systems Applications: Legal Domain (IEEE Press, Los Alamitos, 1997)
  • Migrating to Object Oriented Methods, by Ken Lunn, Denise Downs, Anthony Hellowell, presented at OT2001, Oxford, April 2001.
  • An Object Model To Support Requirements Development, Ken Lunn, Ann Lindsay, presented at The Fourteenth International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering, EMSADD workshop, Toronto, May 27-28 2002
  • Analysis and Design for Process Support Systems using Goal-oriented Business Process Modelling, Denise Downs, Ken Lunn, submitted to the Workshop on Goal-Oriented Business Process Modeling (GBPM’02), Toronto (Canada), May 27- 28, 2002,.
  • Mobile Application Development, A Case Study In Order Capture, Ken Lunn, Jeremy Gidlow and Chris Heelas, WWW Internet 2002 conference, Lisbon, 13-15 Nov 2002.
  • Modelling telecare service requirements for older people using the Unified Modelling Language, Ken Lunn, Andrew Sixsmith (university of Liverpool), Ann Lindsay, Marja Vaarama (Stakes Research Institute, Finland), presented at CAISE ’03 forum Klagenfurt/Velden, Austria, 16 – 20 June, 2003.
  • Business Processes – Attempts to Find a Definition, Ann Lindsay, Denise Downs, Ken Lunn,  Software Technology 45 (2003), Elsevier..
  • Traceability in requirements through process modelling, applied to social care applications, Ken Lunn,  Andrew Sixsmith, Ann Lindsay, Marja Vaarama, Information and Software Technology 45 (2003), Elsevier, pp 1045-1052.
  • Interoperability in NHS. Keynote presentation. International HL7 Interoperability Conference, Auckland, New Zealand, 31 August 2007.
  • Integrating Standards to Achieve Semantically Interoperable Healthcare IT Solutions, (Governance, Harmonization, Tooling, and Clinical Relevance), Keynote presentation, OMG SOA in Healthcare, Chicago, April 2008
  • Architecting Data Standards to Enable Service Interoperability, Keynote presentation, OMG SOA in Healthcare Conference, Chicago, June 2009.
  • HL7 Interoperability Standards in the UK, Invited presentation, International HL7 Interoperability Conference, Rio de Janeiro, May 2010
  • International Interoperability, a UK Perspective, NCI NCRI Joint Conference, Washington, June 2010
  • Whose Health Data Is It Anyway?, Keynote presentation, International HL7 Interoperability Conference, May 2011
  • The Importance of Information Standards, EDM in Healthcare, ICO Conference Centre, London, May 2013.
  • Informing Mindfulness: Investigating how national information can support the implementation and further research and development of mindfulness-based approaches, K. Lunn & R.Crane, Mindfulness Conference, Supporting all aspects of Family Life, Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice, Bangor University, 8th – 11th July 2016.